Private Collector Will Pay
up to $2,000,000 in Cash
for Important Works!

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How it works

1) How Selling Works

Selling your artwork to Newport Art is easy – Simply upload photos of the front, back and a close up of the artist signature and a description of your piece for a 100% free, no obligation appraisal. Don’t forget to include dimensions! If it is a piece we are interested in, we will notify you initially via email to get the process stated.


2) Identifying if your Artwork is Eligible

  • Do you own art by any of these famous artists? Browse our artist listing. If you own a painting and you don’t see the artist’s name in our listing, please contact us so we may evaluate if it is eligible – all painters are considered!
  • Premiums paid for entire collections, family owned works and more.


3) Who are We?

We are highly qualified private collectors with 30+ years’ experience in classic American artworks and Pre-1960 pieces.


4) Why Sell to Newport Art

Newport Art was created because selling valuables is hard and we believe it should be easy. Selling to Newport Art means immediate, out of pocket cash compensation at the best value possible.


5) The Art of Buying Art

When considering a painting, we make an offer based on the following criteria:

  1. Who is the artist?
  2. How significant is the art?
  3. What is the art’s provenance, history, and documentation (or more simply, where has the art been and who’s owned it)?
  4. Is the asking price fair?


6) How does Newport Art pay its seller?

When you sell your art to Newport Art you will receive cash payments ONLY. We will pay up to $2,000,000 for important art works.


7) Premiums

Premiums are paid for:

  • Entire collections
  • Family owned works
  • Works on loan
  • to museums
  • Inherited works
  • Exhibited paintings